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"Following the teachings of the holy ones On what is written in the sutras, tantras, and commentaries, I set out these thirty-seven practices of a bodhisattva For those who intend to train in this path. Because I have limited intelligence and little education, These verses are not the kind of poetry that delights the learned. But because I relied on the teachings of the sutras and the revered I am confident that The Practices of a Bodhisattva is sound. However, because it’s hard for a person with limited intelligence like me To fathom the depths of the great waves of the activity of bodhisattvas, I ask the revered to tolerate Any mistakes — contradictions, non sequiturs, and such. From the goodness of this work, may all beings, Through the supreme mind that is awake to what is ultimately and apparently true, Not rest in any limiting position — existence or peace: May they be like Lord All Seeing." -- Conclusion to The 37 Practices of the Boddhisatva

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